Slim and Smart is a way of living we follow in our daily life to change how we live or live with conditions we cannot otherwise influence.

Behind this concept, there is a group of friends who got to know each other while searching for alternative ways to deal with weight problems, diabetes, coeliac disease and cancer. We had to realise there is no shortcut when it comes to healthy diet or a balanced lifestyle. We have to work hard for it and work on how we think of food and daily

If you are searching for ways to get back to your old self after giving birth (for a few times :)) and get slim again or change the feel of resentment you always had after stepping on the scale, follow us. We will try to share all the advice with you which we gathered during our own journeys. Losing weight is not just about the food you eat, it has more to it. If you want to get rid of some excess fat, it should happen slowly, changing how you live and not because you don’t eat anything for a few days. To reach your ideal weight will require work and endurance, and maybe some shift in the way of thinking. But thinking about it and making the decision to change the way how you eat and live is one of the biggest milestones you can reach in your life. And you will have plenty of support from us along that road!

When there is someone in the family with diabetes, that should mean a considerably big change for everybody. Not necessarily in the wrong way though. Eating without processed sugar and food and watching carbohydrate intake won’t just help the one with diabetes, it will have a fabulous effect on everybody in the family. And it also helps you work on your empathy and gain a huge amount of emotional intelligence and hopefully confidence. You will see, living with diabetes in some way will mean, you will get back the control of your diet. You will forget about processed food, substitute all the heavy ingredients with their lighter, low-carb versions and get creative in the kitchen. Of course, it is not all about fun, but as we have to do it anyway, why not think of it as a way of change rather than a bad impact on life. We know you might miss loads of food you used to eat before discovering diabetes or which you want to share with your loved ones who have diabetes. They are not necessarily gone from your life. You ‘just’ need to rethink how you consume them. Substitute everything we can with low carb alternatives, watch the ingredients and recipes and have a little bit of experimenting in the kitchen. At the beginning it is all hard to take in, we have been there, we know that. You might not think of it that way at the moment, but this can be the turning point where you pick up good habits and reconsider how you ate before. We will aim to share our tips and tricks with you, starting with the food range we use, so your journey will be easier than ours. Plan ahead and you can still have a delicious low carb Sacher torte on your birthday or a sugar free ice cream made at home. Be brave and try something new whenever you can! We collected the most interesting and delicious low carb pasta variations, like this banana flour pasta or a low carb tagliatelle to enjoy Jamie’s recipes.

We have to say, avoiding gluten in the diet is trendy nowadays. We appreciate that and understand why everybody talks about gluten and the health benefits it has to avoid wheat. For some, it is not a choice of a trend but the only decision which helps to survive without pain and discomfort every day. If you have coeliac disease, your world of options changed from a thick book to considerably slimmer one. But, you know, you can live Slim and Smart and still have alternatives to everything which you liked or which you saw at a food stall earlier. Even if you are not that experienced -yet- in the kitchen, our gluten free dessert mixes will give you access to sweets you thought you would have to abandon forever. With a gluten free bread flour, you still can eat a delicious and fresh, crusty bread. Our gluten free pasta variations will give you access to all the pasta dishes you like – in certain variations. So don’t get disappointed, start browsing now and learn how to enjoy your new life – a healthier and gluten free life.

As you might have seen, some of our products have funny packages, words written in a strange language with odd characters. It is because some of us knew great Hungarian products which do not have any alternatives in the UK market. This is why we had decided to create this store so we can introduce you to low carb, gluten free and paleo products which are excellent and made in the EU, meeting all EU regulations. These healthy products already helped thousands of people with diabetes and coeliac disease in Hungary to live a full life, so why don’t you give them a go and see how brilliant they are. All of the packages have English translations on the back with recipes and suggestions to use.

We will try to do everything to show you even more alternatives how you can live a healthier, longer life, avoiding processed and junk food. Live a slim and smart life with us!


We work with producers who provide award-winning and sustainable products. Quality is the most important for us, so we sell certified and outstanding products for you:

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